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Callum Roberts says ‘Goodbye’

Author: Callum Roberts Friday, 21 July 2017

After 7 years, Lauranda Reid is leaving our management team at Callum Roberts. The markets have seen ups and downs during her tenure and this period has seen a number of general elections and the ‘Brexit’ vote, yet in most of this time the Bloomsbury property market has remained strong.

Left to right: Alfie Bradford, Lauranda Reid, Dillon Callum and Mark Beamish.

We have purposely not used the term ‘strong and stable’ but, we will say that it has not been all ‘doom and gloom’.

We have started to see a few smaller developers come into the area and with them they have, in turn, given Bloomsbury some rather pleasant new high quality residential developments.

Lauranda has left a strong team that will be looking forward to a bright future here in London and she will be off to the bright lights of New York City. Lauranda will be sorely missed by all of us at Callum Roberts.

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