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A birds eye view of Bloomsbury with Callum Roberts

Author: Callum Roberts Monday, 6 July 2015
Ever wondered what a birds eye view of Callum Roberts Bloomsbury area would look like?

We did.

A birds eye view of Bloomsbury with Callum Roberts

So, with the weather forecast as good, we set off to find ourselves an ideal mode of transport to meet our requirements and with the kind help of pilot friend of Callum Roberts - Chris Robinson and his wife Rachel, we took to the skies over London.

Starting at the London Helicopter Centre, we flew over from West London and headed East towards the City and the Docklands via Bloomsbury.

London is a fantastic city that can only be appreciated once you see it from the sky above, where you can see how vast an area it covers.

To find out if we cover your area, or indeed, if we have a photo of your property from the skies above, please contact Dillon Callum on 020 7242 9977

Chris Robinson, Dillon Callum, Rachel Robinson

Dillon Callum For Callum Roberts Private Clients London

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