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Author: Callum Roberts Thursday, 9 May 2013

Back in October 2008, Dillon Callum was invited to ITnews to give his opinion on the possible sale and relocation of the American Embassy in London.

Dillon had correctly previously predicted that with the values of these prime sites being what they were (high and unlikely to be adversely effected by the economic woes that the banking crisis had begun), it was only a matter of time that this and other international Embassy's  that were located in prime London locations would begin to be sold with the Embassy's themselves being relocated to more modern and efficient buildings.

It is now common knowledge that the American Embassy in London will be relocated to Nine Elms in  South London's Vauxhall area

The Chinese Government is also selling its Portland place Headquarters as is the Netherlands Hyde Park Gate mission being sold.

The Brazilian Embassy has recently done a deal, selling their Embassy on Green Street, Mayfair for £40 Million. This former Embassy is being converted into a single 20,690 sq ft mansion. 

Home hunting billionaires will be delighted with this news, as many of these embassies are likely to return to being family homes or prestigious apartment schemes set among some of the finest squares in London. 

Callum Roberts are at hand, helping our clients to purchase this type of building and as always, are ahead of the stories that are making the news today.


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