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Author: Callum Roberts Sunday, 10 October 2010
Landlords Act Now – peak time!

It seems like yesterday I was writing my first Callum Roberts blog post to introduce myself, yet incredibly a whole year has passed. Since I have started at Callum Roberts a year ago I have seen and learned so much. By the end of August I was feeling confident in my knowledge of the business and well able to handle the day to day workload. I was warned that September is always the busiest time and that I had seen nothing yet, but I admit I did not really know what the guys were talking about.

However, the past month has shown me just how crazy lettings can be when there is a huge influx of renters and never enough properties. We have all been run off our feet dealing with the number of applicants calling and dropping by the office, all looking to move by the end of September. And while there have been plenty of students among them, what surprised me the most was the large number of professionals also looking to move in September.

The result: we have let every single one of our properties, despite getting new stock regularly. Everything from studios at £230 per week to large three bedroom flats at £700 per week has been let. The past five properties we have taken on we have let the same day, so that even when we get more stock, it goes so fast we still seem to have none. There is a definite lack of supply in the market with none of the other agents in the area have anything left to let either. Both Shaun and Dillon have said that in their 20 years as agents they have never seen a market like this.

While this may be bad news if you are looking to rent a property in the next two weeks, this is great news for landlords. With so many applicants at all price points we are letting all sizes and styles of properties in record time. If you have a property you are thinking of letting, or have just purchased an investment property, now is the time to call us and get it on the market while demand, and prices, remain high.

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