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Author: Callum Roberts Sunday, 30 November 2008

In support of 'St Christopher's Hospice', we organised a Charity 'Oscar Style Awards' dinner and dance in September 2007.

The year since this event has flown by, but the memory of the night is still fresh in the minds of all of those who attended.

Among the one hundred and ten guests was Belinda Kearns and her partner Paul who attended on the behalf of St Christopher's.

The event was held at the home of Callum Roberts Director Dillon Callum and his wife Paula, while the other Director, Shaun Roberts, ensured that the purse strings were firmly held to make sure that as much money as possible could be raised on the night.

At the end of the night, we managed to raise £2000.00

As a supporter of St Christopher's Hospice, Shaun was invited to attend a reception at The London Guildhall along with the Charities Patron, HRH Princess Alexandra and Dillon's mum, Phyllis.

This year, Dillon & Paula attended the St Christopher's 40th year reception, which was held in November at St James Palace in London.

HRH Princess Alexandra hosted the evening and kindly allowed guests to visit the 'throne room'.

Given that St James' Palace is the home of HRH Princess Alexandra, all who attended felt privileged to have received such gracious hospitality from HRH personally.

We at Callum Roberts will be trying to offer the Charity more time for fund raising in 2009 and both Dillon & Shaun may even carry out a aeroplane 'jump' at some point. Now that is something worth watching our blog to see photos of!

  1. Photo 1 shows Paula Callum and HRH Princess Alexandra
  2. Photo 2 shows Shaun Roberts and Phyliss Callum with HRH Princess Alexandra
  3. Photo 3 shows Callum Roberts 2007 Awards dinner
  4. Photo 4 shows Belinda Kearns of St Christophers Hospice speaking at Callum Roberts Awards dinner
  5. Photo 5 shows Dillon Callum hosting Awards dinner

For more about St Christophers Hospice click here or visit

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