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Stamp Duty Suspension?

Author: Callum Roberts Thursday, 14 August 2008
What is going on with the government and various MP's ability to muck up what is by all intense and purposes, the most challenging times we have seen in the property market for some time.

We have seen a number of purchaser's pull out of sales because they have heard on the news that Stamp Duty is being suspended.

That is simply not the case (yet!!!).

An MP has gone on air and said that they are 'thinking about suspending the duty on house sales' but these words have been taken literally and now we are all suffering.

Making a saving of thousands in this difficult time is worth hanging on for if you can.

Joanna Cook, our new sales member has seen a number of people coming through the door of Callum Roberts Holborn office, asking what she knows about the suspension of Stamp Duty.

How would she know if the MP's who are making the decisions themselves have no idea?

Bring on some positive 'factual' news please Allister Darling, so we can get on with what we do best, selling houses!

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