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What is really the case with property prices?

Author: Callum Roberts Friday, 25 April 2008

Are we all going to suffer as we did in the early 90's?

Well - we think not!

There are many people out there who are still looking to buy a house or flat.

Many of us still have secure jobs and other than the fact that petrol prices are sky high and food prices are going up, we are still able to make ends meet.

We still need somewhere to live and with that, things still have to go on.

So unless the banks do something really silly (and lets face it, it was the banks that got the property /economy in the mess that we are in, in the first place with reckless lending - not the estate agents as many people had wanted to think before!) we should see our way through this without the mass chaos that we had in the 90's.

Lets wait and see if they will pass on some interest rate cuts!

We dont think these cuts will come this month (we dont think the bank of England will cut rates again in May - but they should do in June)

At that point we should see the banks do the right thing and get things back to some kind of normality!

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